New York Filming Locations: When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When it comes to certain scenes stealing a movie there’s not too many which are more famous than the fake orgasm scene around the 43 minute mark in 1989′s ‘When Harry Met Sally‘. Following a discussion between the two on the topic of Harry’s one night stands and his boast that none of these ladies had faked an orgasm, Sally sceptically proves his theory wrong by faking a climax amid the intimacy of the room. That’s not the best moment though as that erm comes moments later when one lady (actually the director, Rob Reiner’s mother) says “I’ll have what she’s having” which is delivered with perfect comic timing.


This sandwich shop is Katz’s Deli (above) on 205 East Houston Street and the table where they sat even has a sign saying ‘You are sitting where Harry met Sally’ not that I knew that at the time! We went in the place which operates a take-a-ticket billing system but it was so so busy inside that I really couldn’t be bothered with it all and so decided against it.

Long before all that, is Washington Square Park (below) in Greenwich Village where Harry Burns  (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) arrive after she gives him a lift to New York after they graduated from the University of Chicago. What then follows is a load of scenes which show them failing to find love whilst occasionally meeting other by chance. As their friendship grows they are faced with the question of whether or not men and women can be friends without sex getting in the way.

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New York Filming Locations: I Am Legend (2007)

Will Smith plays Robert Neville; a scientist unable to stop a deadly man-made virus spreading which he is immune to and the only human survivor in New York City and perhaps the world. His townhouse is at 11 Washington Square Park North and if my memory serves me correctly is where he sends out daily radio messages in the desperate hope of finding any other survivors who might be out there.


Just across the road from his apartment is Washington Square which he views from his window. This place would normally be a great place to chill out and relax but sadly when I was there it was absolutely bucketing it down with rain and the arch could offer only a slight respite from the downpour. I have since seen this area featured in a fair few other movies and TV programmes.


The flatiron building at 175 5th Avenue is later seen as he drives around the empty streets of New York. This is a cool looking construction which was completed in 1902 and the Flatiron district around it got its name from the building.