TF Film Review: The Tourist (2010)

‘The Tourist’ comes out in Japan on March 5th but as is the way (most of the time), it came out elsewhere last year. It is set in the beautiful location of Venice and its two stars; Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp aren’t exactly eye-sores. Having finally been to the


Italian city last August I was keen to see which locations would appear. It’s difficult to really pinpoint the exact places most of the time apart from one. That was the Hotel Danielli which I did go to as it was also used in ‘Moonraker’ in 1979 and can be seen here.

The plot of this romantic thriller revolves around Elise (Jolie) using American tourist Frank (Depp) as a decoy on a train going to Venice. She chose him to make the tailing police believe that he is her lover who is wanted by both them and a mobster who he stole money from. What ensues is the two stars evading the police. Despite its many negative reviews from the critics I did actually enjoy the escapist fun element of it as well as some amusing twists. My main gripe is that there are far too many rooms of people turning their heads as Jolie’s character walks by which may happen in reality given her beautiful looks but I don’t really want to see that in so many scenes. The ultimate compliment I can give it is that it held my interest for its entirety which is rare for me as I have poor concentration when it comes to watching both films and TV shows.