London Filming Locations: James Bond

The Bond franchise is famed for its glamorous locations from around the world but the true home of 007 is in London mainly due to the MI6 headquarters being located there. As well as the various places used for that role the capital has also appeared in many other guises and I made it my mission to find as many of the shooting locations as possible.

First up is one of the most iconic moments in the whole 007 series as its where Sean Connery delivers the line “The name’s Bond….James Bond” in the 1962 debut ‘Dr No’. That place is supposedly the chemin-de-fer table in Le Cercle Club at Les Ambassadeurs (below) in Hamilton Place but don’t get too excited as the interior was actually filmed at Pinewood Studio’s.


Next is Brent Cross Shopping Centre and its car park (above left); the 4th floor of which played the part of ‘Hamburg’ in 1997’s ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ starring Pierce Brosnan. In the same movie the courtyard of Somerset House (above right) at The Strand was used as MI6 HQ whereas in the previous Brosnan outing ‘GoldenEye’ it doubled up as ‘St Petersburg’. Other ‘Russian’ locations in London to feature in ‘GoldenEye’ include the Langham Hilton at Portland Place (below left) and St Sofia’s Cathedral (below right & lower left) on Moscow Road near Bayswater Station. The interior of the latter is the ‘St Petersburg’ church where Natalya meets Boris by chance. The exterior was Brompton Cemetry (lower right) on Old Brompton Road.


One final ‘Russian’ location is Drapers’ Hall (below) on Throgmorton Street near Bank station. It is the ‘St Petersburg’ council chamber in ‘GoldenEye’ where a General discovers that Natalya has survived the detonation. There was lots of scaffolding work while I was here so I had to zoom in close to cut it out.

We may as well stay with Brosnan-era Bond locations so lets move on to Vauxhall Cross where 85 Albert Embankment (below left), next to Vauxhall Bridge, is the MI6 HQ building in ‘The World Is Not Enough’. A 20 minute walk along the river takes you to Westminster Bridge beneath which Bond finds the entrance to the fictitious Vauxhall Cross underground (below right). This was used in ‘Die Another Day’ and is actually nothing more than a caretakers hut.


The ‘Thames’ boat chase during the pre-oping credits of ‘The World Is Not Enough’ starts off near Tower Bridge (below left) continuing on to (and indeed under as only Bond can do) Glengall Bridge in the East End’s docks before moving along Ornamental Canal at Wapping Lane where he soaks a couple of traffic wardens at the right-angle bend pictured below right. He then crashes through a boatshed at the end of the canal alongside the Tobacco Dock pirate ships (lower left) and proceeds through a few streets before hitting the water again where he ends up at the Millennium Dome (lower right), now the O2 Arena, which is a rather poorly scanned photo I took six years ago.


At 104 Pall Mall (below left) is the Reform Club where Bond duels with Gustav Graves in ‘Blades’ in the rather poor ‘Die Another Day’ and it was also used in 2008’s ‘Quantum Of Solace’ as government office where M is summoned to explain Bonds behaviour. The interior of 92 Stoke Newington Road in the Hackney area (below right) is the ‘Cuban’ cigar factory where Bond searches for Zao in the 20th 007 film ‘Die Another Day’.


For Roger Moore’s over-due finale in 1985’s ‘A View To A Kill’ the Old War Office Building on Whitehall (below left) is the MI6 HQ but two years later it’s Malaysia House (below right) at 57 Trafalgar Square which plays the same place for Timothy Dalton’s first outing as the secret agent in ‘The Living Daylights’.


In ‘Octopussy’ the world-famous Sotherby’s auction house (below left) on 53 Bond Street is where Bond cleverly switches the Faberge egg that was put up for sale.


George Lazenby only performed the 007 role for one film; ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ and the College of Arms (above right) on Queen Victoria Street is where he learns all about heraldry.