TF Film Review: Terminator Salvation

The Japanese release of this new installment in the Terminator franchise was for once only a couple of weeks after the western world and having bought my ticket in advance a few weeks ago (saves 500 yen!) I went to see this reboot of the Terminator series on Sunday with a work colleague.  It has to be one of the noisiest films I’ve ever seen, full of gunfire and things blowing up. Inevitably I enjoyed it though to be honest I don’t think it will live too long in the memory. Furthermore, I can’t really see it being so appealing to the casual cinema-goers who aren’t really Terminator fans. I love what Christian Bale has done to help rejuvenate the Batman franchise which had become a bit of a joke but his fellow actor Sam Worthington stomped all over him in this one with a big metal foot. Also, nice to see that there was no mis-placed humour though this could be debated with the famous lines ‘Come with me if you want to live’ and ‘I’ll be back’ included as almost throwaway lines. There was also the appearance of a certain Austrian former body builder albeit in CGI form as his Governor of California duties meant he was too busy to film a cameo. Given his age that was maybe for the best.
You can see my photos of the Terminator Exhibition in Odaiba here.