The Dream Is Over!

My plan this August was to realise a long dream of going to southern Tunisia on a Star Wars tour of the sets used in many of the films. Very geeky yes and on top of a couple of nights in Rome en-route I really thought it was feasible. I was envisaging going to the home of Luke Skywalker, seeing the setting of Mos Eisley or doing the sights of Rome before chilling out in a cafe reading (but obviously not understanding!) la Gazzetta Dello Sport newspaper with an untouched dessert like what James Richardson seemed to always be doing on Channel 4’s Football Italia back in the mid nineties.
Sadly the time of year I wanted to go is holiday season for so many Japanese that the price goes up big-time and so 300,000 yen for flights only is not something I can really justify and would put a bit too much pressure on me to have an amazing experience in what is in all likelihood just a desert with some unique igloo-style buildings.

As an alternative I will now be popping over to Laos on my birthday (08/08/08) via a five hour transit in Bangkok to hook up with my mate Richard and his better half Mizukifor a weeks travel which I am looking forward to very much. As for southern Tunisia that will have to wait a while longer but I hope that idea will be realised sooner rather than later.

“Your dreams are never silly, Depend on them to guide you.”