12 Filming Location Trips For 2012

Whilst 2011 was indeed pretty awesome for the movie locations I covered the last 12 months weren’t exactly bad either with some great shots taken along the way in the likes of  Edinburgh, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and New York. Click on the links below to see more.

1. Trainspotting (Click here)

2. About A Boy (Click here)

3.  Quadrophenia (Click here)

4.  Amélie (Click here)

5.  The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum (Click herehere and here)

6.  Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (Click here)

7.  Mission Impossible II (Click here)

8.  The Matrix (Click here)

9.  Infernal Affairs (Click here)

10.  Spider-Man (Click here and here)

11. Ghostbusters (Click here)

12. Batman/The Dark Knight (Click here and here)

Other 2012 locations for the films listed below can be found here

Live And Let Die; The Man With The Golden Gun; Bridget Jones’s Diary; Snatch; The Italian Job; Basic Instinct 2; Superman; Coming To America; Black Swan; When Harry Met Sally; Sliver; I Am Legend; Sex And The City; Breakfast At Tiffany’s; Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle Of Life; Four Weddings & A Funeral; Notting Hill; Love Actually; The Ramen Girl; Ju-on: The Grudge 2; Muriel’s Wedding; Mad Max; On The Beach; Queen Of The Damned; Romper Stomper; Salaam Namaste and Adventures of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.