TF Film Review: The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Found myself at the cinema yet again last Sunday for the opening weekend of the film adaptation of ‘The Da Vinci Code’. This was a surprise in itself as I have never read the book and have to say that i have never even come close to doing so. However, having heard so much talk of the book i was maybe slightly intrigued to see the film  as it involves a lot less time being dedicated although at 160 minutes long that tested my patience! Does any film really need to be this long is what i ask? I thought the end was in sight a few times but the story continued to drag on and, as well as myself, i could feel the people around me starting to get restless and moving around in their seats a bit with more than a few no doubt needing the toilet too!
I knew nothing about the story other than it having some controversial religious theme. The film has taken a bit of a kicking from the UK critics from what i’ve read since. Not really sure what to make of it myself. Apart from the length i didn’t actually find it too bad. I quite enjoyed the action scenes which was maybe due to my low expectations but not surprisingly I had little idea what was actually happening during the puzzles, clues and explanation. A code of cr*p if you ask me!