London Filming Locations: The Italian Job (1969)

Think of Michael Caine’s classic portrayal of Charlie Croker in the original ‘Italian Job’ film and you no doubt think of the city of Turin where the ‘job’ is done using three Mini Coopers, a Jaguar and a bus amid the chaos of the Italian streets. However, much of the film was actually made in England and believe it or not it was actually Coventry in the West Midlands that was used for the sewer scene with the Mini’s driving through them. This 1969 film sees Croker released (below left) from Wormwood Scrubs Prison (below right) on Ducane Road which is a lot further away from BBC Television Centre than I thought when I looked at the map and concluded that it was just round the corner!


The Royal Lancaster Hotel (below) is where Croker has his party to celebrate his release from Prison. It is on Lancaster Terrace and is perhaps ironically located across the road from the Italian Gardens in Hyde Park.


Croker’s actual home is at 18 Denbigh Close (below left) off Portobello Road in Notting Hill.


The Canada Gates part of Crystal Palace Park (above right) is where the films most famous line was delivered. ”You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” is uttered by Caine as they watch the car get blown to smithereens.

Peninsula Heights is the block off flats (below left) next to the River Thames close to Vauxhall Bridge where the plan to do the bank job in Turin is put into place.


Harley Street’s sign (above right) can be seen when Noel Coward goes for a check-up somewhere in that area of Westminster.