Feel The Force: Star Wars x Glico Products

I got a tip-off the other day that some Convenience Stores had just become stocked full of snacks and drinks with some kind of Star Wars tie-in. Now, of course this sort of thing is nothing new for just about every product has had the Star Wars logo slapped on it at some point during the last thirty-five years.

IMG_2679 IMG_2680

This time Japanese confectionary company Glico have teamed up with Star Wars to emblazon their products with such famous characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, R2D2, C3P0, a Stormtrooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi (prequel version) and Luke Skywalker.

IMG_2506 IMG_2755 IMG_2736 IMG_2775 IMG_2648 IMG_2773

Products include:

Pocky – chocolate-coated pretzel sticks.

Pretz – pretzel sticks.

Karujaga – potato sticks with a hollow middle, giving it extra crunch.

Caplico – frosting-dipped waffle biscuits in the shape of ice cream cones that come in either chocolate or strawberry flavour.

Almond Peak – chocolate covered almonds.

Cecil – Milk Chocolate.

Dororich – Coffee and Matcha green tea jelly flavours.

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I’m not sure how long these products will be around for but they’re pretty cool particularly the Pocky ones which are supposedly intended to look like Vader’s lightsaber. I guess with Episode VII on the horizon (released in 2015) there will be plenty more products on the shelves of Japanese shops featuring the Star Wars logo.