Feel The Force: Star Wars x Glico Products

I got a tip-off the other day that some Convenience Stores had just become stocked full of snacks and drinks with some kind of Star Wars tie-in. Now, of course this sort of thing is nothing new for just about every product has had the Star Wars logo slapped on it at some point during the last thirty-five years.

IMG_2679 IMG_2680

This time Japanese confectionary company Glico have teamed up with Star Wars to emblazon their products with such famous characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, R2D2, C3P0, a Stormtrooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi (prequel version) and Luke Skywalker.

IMG_2506 IMG_2755 IMG_2736 IMG_2775 IMG_2648 IMG_2773

Products include:

Pocky – chocolate-coated pretzel sticks.

Pretz – pretzel sticks.

Karujaga – potato sticks with a hollow middle, giving it extra crunch.

Caplico – frosting-dipped waffle biscuits in the shape of ice cream cones that come in either chocolate or strawberry flavour.

Almond Peak – chocolate covered almonds.

Cecil – Milk Chocolate.

Dororich – Coffee and Matcha green tea jelly flavours.

1000986_10152978391180613_884762629_n 600207_10152978392650613_1652547737_n11497_10152978391950613_843933633_n 7974_10152978392320613_1272289626_n

I’m not sure how long these products will be around for but they’re pretty cool particularly the Pocky ones which are supposedly intended to look like Vader’s lightsaber. I guess with Episode VII on the horizon (released in 2015) there will be plenty more products on the shelves of Japanese shops featuring the Star Wars logo.

3 thoughts on “Feel The Force: Star Wars x Glico Products

  1. Howdy. Hope you get a chance to reach my comment regarding your trip to Lake Como, site of filming Attack of the Clones. Correcting a misunderstanding about Natalie Portman. I also traveled there and would love to hit the other sites you’ve visited for Star Wars. The precise directions to the Lars Homestead are available. Hard core fans have visited there many times and actually a group took it upon themselves to restore the “igloo” which had fallen on very hard times. The trip and the deed were partially funded by fans of George Lucas’ wonderful saga. You can find info here: http://www.markdermul.be/tatooine/ Do you ever return to sites you’ve already documented/visited? I’m hoping to return to Lake Como – it’s sort of been haunting me and I embrace that. Are you on Facebook? Will bookmark this page. Glad I found it!

    • yeah i am very aware of the igloo project and enjoyed watching the videos mark made last year.
      Thanks again for your comment. To answer your question, I rarely ever return to any of the sites I’ve been to unless they’re in major major cities! I will maybe make an exception for tunisia though as that is the spiritual home of SW but as one gets older it becomes harder and harder to achieve such a thing. Living in a galaxy so far far away and all that is a problem too! let me know if you have a site

      • Don’t have a site but would love to share photos And yes, I hear you about getting older it does get harder for just about everything with the exception of free time which is something I’ve worked for a very long time. Just retired last year – first thing I did was go to San Francisco and walk in the steps of Vertigo. Then attended Olympic Trials (gymnastics) in San Jose then traveled Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to LA. Then off to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando (August) and then the Toronto Film Festival in September. And…no more Mondays 🙂

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