‘Star Wars Episode IV: ‘A New Hope’ Filming Locations

Following in the footsteps of my ‘Phantom Menace‘, ‘Attack of the Clones‘ and ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ (the latter can only be seen on Tokyo Fox’s sister site ‘Beyond The Movies‘) compilations comes the shooting locations of the original Star Wars movie which after its 1977 release was retitled ‘Episode IV: A New Hope‘. For this film the crew went on location to Guatemala and Tunisia with pick-up shots later done at Death Valley in California.

The first spaceship to be seen is the Rebel Blockade Runner, a.k.a. the Tantive IV and on 3 mins we are inside the ship with the guards awaiting the arrival of Darth Vader not that they knew he would be arriving. There is a set piece of this at the London Film Museum on Southbank next to the London Eye and it costs £7 per photo (two for £10) on top of the entrance fee. Richard Richard and I had no qualms about spending that money on the photos below.


C3P0 is seen in the Tunisian desert on 10 mins and that bit was filmed just behind the Mos Espa set in Nefta but when we see Artoo’s dunes seconds later its actually Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, California making its debut.


A few more location switches occur as the story develops. Artoo’s Arroyo on 11 mins is Artists Palette which is one of the more beautiful spots in Death Valley. A minute later its back to Tunisia where the Jawa’s carry Artoo to this specific rock which is at Sidi Bouhlel more commonly known as Star Wars canyon to fans but certainly not to locals!


15 mins in and its Desolation Canyon in Death Valley where the sand crawler appears and this can only be matched up using the mountains in the background and the directions given on this article. A 1.6 yard-long radio-controlled model was used for the wide shots and whilst I did have droid figures with me I never gave a thought to bring my sandcrawler toy which would have been a good idea. Oh well! Furthermore I later noticed a mark on the camera lens which is now in a lot of my photos such as the one lower left which is a match-up of the screenshot above it.


Luke gets called by Aunt Beru on 17 mins as we see the Lars Homestead exterior for the first time which is in Chott el Djerid near Nefta but the next shots of him looking down into the underground home (below) were shot 300km away in Matmata.


However, one of the first time we were supposed to see Luke Skywalker were of him watching the ongoing battle in orbit between the Star Destroyer and Princess Leia’s blockade runner. He then takes his land speeder to Tosche station to tell his friends about it but by the time they go outside to look at it it’s all over and they think Luke was just making it all up. This scene was shot in the north-west of Djerba in Tunisia and ended up on the cutting room floor but appears in deleted scenes on the blu-ray.

One of the most famous scenes shot at Hotel Sidi Driss (a.k.a. The Lars Homestead) in Matmata is the dining room scene on 23 mins (below left) where Luke drinks blue milk and chats to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Its a new day on 27 mins as Uncle Owen walks through the courtyard of the hotel which was used in ‘Episode II: Attack of the Clones’ 25 years later.


Desolation Canyon in Death Valley appears again (above right) on 28 mins and its this place where the Bantha (a large native Tatooine animal with a long furry tail) filming took place which was basically just an African elephant in a costume! As the name implies this place was completely desolate and yes I did strip off for a photo which can be seenhere but the one on this page is a far more modest one.

Obi-wans house only appears on the original cut of the movie (below left) and not the special editions which I’ve been using the time codes of. It appears on 32 mins for a brief second. It can be easily found on the west coast of Djerba in Tunisia. George Lucas shot it at a low angle to make it look like it was in the middle of nowhere so its quite a surprise to find it next to the sea.


On 42 mins we see Ben Kenobi showing Mos Eisley. The lookout is at Sidi Bouhlel in Tozeur but the view we see is in Death Valley of Dante’s Peak which, unlike most Star Wars locations, is actually a major sightseeing attraction by its own right. It’s where Ben famously introduces Luke Skywalker to Mos Eisley spaceport by telling him ”You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy“. The screenshot is below rightwith my shot beneath it and the views were naturally way more impressive than what was described by Ben Kenobi.


Droids aren’t allowed in the Cantina bar so on 47 mins we see R2D2 and C3P0 waiting  outside it moments after Obi-Wan cut someones arm off and met Chewbacca. On 52 mins C3P0 is seen at the door of the cantina but in reality there never was a door for the building was given a fake entry during filming in 1976.


Aboard the Millennium Falcon we see the chess table on 55 mins (and again on 93 mins) as they escape with new pilot Han solo from the stormtroopers. Of course my photo on the Millennium Falcon is a set prop specially constructed for photo opportunities at the Star Wars Celebration Japan event in 2008. The blast off alley can be found a few streets away from the Cantina in Ajim on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.


Its studio-set space scenes all the way from thereon until 105 mins when Tikal in Guatemala is shown a few times but as I haven’t been there (yet!) I will include my friend Chris’s photos from that place until I have my own ones to replace them. He was in Tikal a couple of years ago but had no idea that this played any part in the Star Wars saga.


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‘Star Wars Episode III: ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ Filming Locations

Ok so this entry is pretty lame and not such a serious one but as today (19th May) is the 7th anniversary of ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ I thought I might as well follow up my articles on ‘The Phantom Menace‘ and ‘Attack of the Clones‘. So here goes with all that I’ve managed to cobble together regarding the final piece of the Star Wars jigsaw.

Whilst Episodes I and II were filmed both in the studio and on location the third and final part of the Star Wars saga was filmed almost entirely in the studio. That studio was Fox Studio’s Australia which is in Moore Park in Sydney which I went by in March when I was on holiday down under.

Obi-Wan Kenobi makes his first appearance in this film on 3 mins and here is a Pepsi promotional can I have with his face on it. I did warn you that this would be full of some tenuous links!

Plate shots of Guilin in China and Phuket in Thailand were used to make up Kashyyk; the planet where the wookies including Chewbacca live. It seems that there is no information on the internet about what parts of these places were shot though the mountains of Guilin can be made out around the 49 minute mark. Not sure what part of Phuket was used so here is a random photo of me somewhere in the Thai place!

The Rebel Blockade Runner spaceship a.k.a. the Tantive IV, which first appeared in ‘Episode IV: A New Hope‘, is back on our screens on 86, 90 and 130 mins. There is a set piece of this at the London Film Museum on Southbank next to the London Eye and it costs £7 per photo (two for £10) on top of the entrance fee. Richard Richard and I had no qualms about spending that money on the photos below.


Undoubtedly the icon of the Star Wars saga is Darth Vader and in the scheme of things he first appears in ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ after 127 mins. I have met the evil with lord on various occasions and in many guises but I have limited it to these pictures taken at Star Wars Celebration Japan in 2008.

Finally a proper location appears for the films climax on 132 mins as Padme’s twins are delivered to their new families with Obi-Wan arriving on Tatooine at the Lars Homestead exterior in Chott el Djerid, Nefta. This Tunisian location was of course used far more prominently in Episodes I, II and IV. The picture of me in front of the binary sunset is undoubtedly just me taken in front of a big picture at the aforementioned Star Wars Celebration Japan event. You don’t need to be a Jedi to work that one out!


After the film came out ‘The Art of Star Wars’ exhibition was around in Tokyo for a couple of months which I went to with fellow SW fan and rival blogger Gideon.

The final tenuous link in this ever-so-lame feature on ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ comes by way of this FunFax file which I picked up in a second hand book shop a few years after the film came out.

Hong Kong Filming Locations: James Bond

The Man With the Golden Gun‘ (1974) doesn’t follow the original novel too closely as that was set in Jamaica whereas the film is located in the Far East. It is a fairly entertaining story for a number of reasons; a great villain in the form of  Scaramanga; a classic henchman in the shape of psycho dwarf Nick Nack; a beautiful Bond girl and of course the exotic locations of Thailand, Macau and Hong Kong.

The Peninsula Hotel (below) on Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is just a stones throw from the ferry terminal on Kowloon and it can be seen after 27 minutes.


I even went inside the hotel and took the elevator up to the top floor to see the very room which Roger Moore’s 007 entered with a bit of help from a staff member. In the film it is where Bond tracks down Scaramanga’s mistress Miss Andreas Anders’ who had been collecting gold bullets at a Macau casino room. It is room 602 (below) where he puts pressure on her to inform him of Scramanga’s appearance and plans.


Bottoms Up bar, which can be seen on 33 mins, is long gone from its location at 14 Hankow Road and whats in its place really wasn’t even worth a photo as the area is pretty much unrecognisable to that seen in the 1974 movie. Not surprising I guess as it has been nearly 40 years!

Another Hong Kong location from ‘The Man With The Golden Gun‘ is Dragon Garden on Castle Peak Road in the New Territories area. This played the part of Thai entrepreneur Hai Fat’s house where Bond pretends that he is Scaramanga. It is seen quite extensively from the 44 minute mark when Bonds plan backfires as Scramanga himself is already at the same house. Scarmanga’s lair on Ko Khao Phing Kan near Phuket can be seen here.

In ‘Die Another Day‘ (2002) Hong Kong island appears as Pierce Brosnan’s Bond escapes captivity, jumps into the Harbour and emerges at the Hong Kong Yacht Club (27 mins) which is located on the north side of the island. However, this was not all it seemed as it wasn’t Kowloon that could be seen in the background but Hong Kong island itself. Obviously this was all faked on a movie set and furthermore the shaggily unshaven 007 turns up at the Royal Rubyeon Hotel which doesn’t exist at all.


Tomorrow Never Dies‘ in 1997 brought about a different kind of Bond girl and I’m not talking about it being the first time the lady was Asian but that she was a girl with attitude and an ability to fight unlike the typical dolly-birds who had preceded Michelle Yeoh. There is a waxwork model of the Malaysian actress outside the entrance to Madame Tussauds Waxwork Museum at The Peak. Yeoh, who also starred in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘ (2000) and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha‘ (2005) among others, has a star with her name and handprint on the Avenue of Stars along Hong Kong’s famous harbour front.


See other James Bond filming locations by clicking on the cities below:

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Hong Kong Filming Locations: Infernal Affairs (2002)

Like the majority of people in the western world I’d never heard of ‘Infernal Affairs‘ until ‘The Departed‘ came along in 2006. I even mistakenly rented out ‘Internal Affairs‘ starring Richard Gere before I got my hands on a copy of this 2002 Hong Kong movie starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung. Of course the cool thing to say is that the original’s the best but I’ve been never cool and as much as I love both versions I probably just about prefer the Hollywood re-make.

So ‘Infernal Affairs‘ starts off straight away at Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery (below) in Sha Tin on the KCR Railway Line on minute one. I went here on my second day in Hong Kong and its only about 5-10 minutes away from the station. However, it is up 400 steps but they do wind up through quite literally thousands of golden Buddha statues, hence the name! Its a nice break from the main area but isn’t actually a real monastery as there are no monks on site. There is a vegetarian restaurant on site selling some fairly big-sized dishes at a nice cheap price which I just had to take advantage of. It is this monastery where Hon Sam, the triad (a term used to describe underground Chinese criminal organisation) boss is about to send a load of young gangsters into the police academy as moles.


Lei Yue Mun Park & Holiday Village in Shau Kei Wan on Hong Kong island is the training academy where a young Chen is dismissed from the school to become an undercover cop. The address is 75 Chai Wan Road.


The two undercover heroes meet each other after 8 mins at Ultra Isotherm audio & Video Co at 151 Apliu Street in Sham Shui Po. Of course this is just a chance meeting and they have absolutely no idea of each others identity.


The Thai cocaine deal involving Hon Sam on 19 mins is at the junction between Shantung Street and Sai Yee Street. The triads are in the yellow building in the centre of the picture below and the cops are on the opposite corner. It is this deal which ultimately makes both organisations aware that there is a mole in both camps.


Chan nearly discovers the identity of Lau (the triad undercover in the Police force) in an alleyway next to Golden Gateway shopping area (below) of Tsim Sha Tsui. Having watched Hon Sam conversing with the mole at a cinema Chan tries to follow Lau but loses his target when his phone rings at the most inopportune moment. It can be found at 25 Canton Road and appears on screen after 45 mins.


Ngau Tau Kok Police Station (below) on Wai Yip Street is seen on screen briefly after 32 and 64 mins respectively. The nearest Metro station is that of Kowloon Bay on the Kwun Tong Line.


After 56 mins, Guangdong Investment Tower (below) at 147-151 Connaught Road Central in  Sheung Wan is where Chan meets Superintendent Wong who is the only person who actually knows he is a cop. Fearing for Chan’s safety Wong intends to pull him out of undercover work but they are unaware that they are being tracked. Whilst Chan flees the rooftop using a crane, Wong sacrifices his life to save Chan and is beaten up severely before he’s thrown off the roof. The rooftop of this building is later used (99 mins) when the two moles meet up at the films dramatic conclusion.


Sunshine Kowloon Bay Cargo Centre (below) at 59 Tai Yip Street appears on 76 mins shortly after the two moles connected by phone and agreed to cooperate in order to foil a drug deal by Hon Sam. In the film, the police say it’s Lung Cheung Road Car Park where Hon Sam is heading to but its not. The plan proves successful with many of Hon’s men arrested whilst Lau, becoming more accustomed to life as a police officer and wanting to erase his criminal background, betrays Hon Sam and kills him.


Bonus: A few of the films stars have their names and hand prints in stone on the ‘Avenue of the Stars’ on the peninsula. Below left: Andy Lau who played Lau Kin-ming the triad who infiltrates the police department. Below right: Tony Cheung who played Chan Wing-yan the police officer who goes undercover into a triad. Lower left: Eric Tsang who played triad boss Hon Sam.


Infernal Affairs II‘ was a prequel and I have a couple of locations from that to tag on the end of this article. The rooftop car park (above right) where the deal is going down is Star Ferry multi-storey car park at 9 Edinburgh Square in Central. Lai Yip Street cooked food hawker bazaar (below) is the spot where triad boss Ngai Wing-Hau (Francis Ng) and his family go to for late night snacks.


Some of these locations couldn’t have been found without the aid of this site.

Hong Kong Filming Locations: Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle Of Life (2003)

Hong Kong has appeared in quite a few films over the years but one that is often forgotten about is the 2003 sequel ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life‘. This much maligned follow up to the 2001 original was shot in various locations around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with heavy use of CGI in places.

Hennessey Road (below left) is seen briefly on 37 mins with its many double decker buses and trams going up and down it. Thats the first time Hong Kong is seen in this movie and its not until the 56 minute mark that it appears again as we see sunset over Hong Kong Island. HK Convention & Exhibition Centre can just about be made out in that picture and that is what is in my photo beneath it.


Times Square in Causeway Bay is shown on 57 mins and 61 mins with Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) and Terry Sheridan (Gerard Butler) as well as one of the bad guys standing in the foreground of the clock in the respective screenshots below left andright.


We go inside the shopping centre next and see that CGI has been used to make it look like there is a glass ceiling where you can see another skyscraper glistening in the sun through it. In reality the mall does not have a window of some sort on the roof. We briefly see Lara and Terry looking down to the ground floor from up high in the centre.


On 68 minutes the 415 metre high International Finance Centre Two (IFC2) Tower appears during its construction with Lara and Terry leaping off it and landing on a ship in Kowloon Bay. Although Angelina Jolie likes to do a lot of her stunts she didn’t do this one with the actual creators of sky-flying doing the jump a total of 8 times from that building and a further 20 from helicopters which was all edited together to make it look like one jump. No camera trickery was used at all for this stunt. IFC2 made a much bigger splash on the big screen five years later when the finished article could be seen in all its glory in ‘The Dark Knight‘ (2008) with Batman flying off it on 34 mins and landing on the IFC1 tower.


The view from Lara’s window (below left) on her boat is seen on 70 minutes and Aberdeen Harbour (below right) is shown four minutes later. As I was only in HK for two full days something inevitably had to give and that was Aberdeen which is in the south-west of Hong Kong island. Maybe next time! The ‘Avenue of the Stars’ is totally made up of Asian actors, actresses and directors etc but the area does feature big pictures of some international filmstars such as the one of Angelina Jolie below right.


You can see my London & Angkor Wat ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider‘ filming locations here.

Hong Kong 2012 – Avenue Of The Stars

Of the many Asian places I’ve visited over the last six years one of my favourites has to be Hong Kong which I visited during the World Cup in June 2006. Back then I slummed it at the infamous Chungking Mansions (as featured in ‘Chungking Express’ in 1994) on Kowloon whereas this time I stayed in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island itself in much nicer accommodation which came as part of my air tickets and hotel package. No trip to Hong Kong is complete without taking a tram ride on up to The Peak, even for a guy like me who is usually on movie-themed missions only!


Below is the Forrest Gump bench (below) outside the Bubba Gump restaurant at The Peak.


Early evening saw me take the Star Ferry to Temple Street Night Market. Chungking Mansions seems to have cleaned itself up a bit compared to my original trip and was even lit up at night (above right). Apart from a couple of ever-so-short showers I felt very lucky to have got away with it regarding the weather given the thundery showers which had been forecast for the whole of my trip. I rounded off things by strolling along the ‘Avenue of the Stars’ which is similar to that of the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ with handprints of famous people from the showbiz world of films. Ethan and I didn’t even bother going to the American one last August on our road-trip but I did wanna see the Asian stars on the Hong Kong version. These included Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and John Woo among many others.


After that I took the Star Ferry back to my Wan Chai base amid the beautiful harbour views which I never really get tired of seeing.


‘Star Wars Episode II: ‘Attack of the Clones’ Filming Locations

With the 10th Anniversary of ‘Attack of the Clones‘ coming up on May 16th (not to mention that today is unofficially Star Wars Day!) and hot on the heels of March’s ‘Phantom Menace‘ filming locations compilation comes the Italian, Spanish and Tunisian scenes from the second of the prequel films. I was fairly underwhelmed when I first saw it a decade ago but as the years have rolled by and with the saga more complete I have been able to watch and enjoy it a whole lot more and this of course was heightened by my visits to the various locations used.

DVD chapter 15 ‘Return to Naboo’ on 38 mins sees Anakin and Padmé along with Artoo at the Plaza de Espana in Seville (below) for a fairly short scene which was cut down in the edit as the extended arrival on Naboo deleted scene appears on the dvd.


Caserta Palace (below left) in Southern Italy makes a brief return for this movie after 39 mins and the rest of the Naboo scenes which follow were all shot in Como in the north of the country. We first see the splendid Villa del Balbianello from the lake (below right) on 44 mins albeit with CGI domes added to the roof. Sadly I didn’t get to take a photo of the place from quite the same angle as I never took a boat to that part of the lake.


Anakin and Padmé arrive by boat at the lake retreat (below) on the latter’s home planet of Naboo which was a different place to where I arrived and this scene could not be perfectly re-created as it was shot from the stone wall which isn’t accessible to the public. I had to take my pictures of the boat dock and steps leading down to it from different angles.


After climbing the steps (off camera) we then see the pair of them walk along a terrace with a pond in the foreground (below left) and a bush (below right) in the background.


They walk over to the balcony overlooking the lake. Notice the strange shape trunk on the right of the photo below left. This balcony is where the two heroes kiss for the first time (below right) although Padmé later pulls away as their love is forbidden.


The picknic meadow where Anakin and Padmé get closer (47-50 mins into the film) was filmed in a couple of private fields in Como which could be anywhere in the world to be fair! The waterfalls and the shaaks (indigenous Naboo animals) were added by CGI of course and this field can only really be recognised thanks to some behind the scenes pictures in the ‘Star Wars 365 Days’ book by John Knoll. By that I mean the shabby building in the lower left photo.


The loggia (below left) at Villa del Balbianello, which also appeared in ‘Casino Royale’, features on 59 mins though only the area under the arches is seen beginning with Anakin in a Jedi trance looking out across the lake early in the morning following his nightmare.


The sunlight made the photo above right hard to re-create but typically I didn’t think about closing the door until later that same evening. “Jedi don’t have nightmares” is what Anakin tells Padmé at the loggia but she says that she heard him and then he explains that he saw his mother in pain in his dreams and that he must return to Tatooine to try and save her.

So its back to Tunisia on 64 mins and the Mos Espa set near Tozeur is used again as Anakin is re-united with Watto at the workshop (below left) where he was a former slave.


The Lars Homestead (above) is in Matmata (south east Tunisia) and returns to our screens for the first time since 1977 with Anakin and Padmé meeting Lars Clieg in the courtyard as they search for Anakin’s mother Shmi Skywalker. They then sit around the famous table in the dining room (below left) where Luke had some blue milk with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru in the original Star Wars movie. The exterior of the Lars Homestead (below right) is actually many many kilometres away in the middle of nowhere in Chott el Djerid, Nefta. It can be seen on 71, 74 and 83 mins.


Attack of the Clones‘ draws to a close on 124 mins with the secret wedding of Anakin and Padmé at the Naboo lake retreat known as Villa del Balbianello in Como. The flowers seen on screen (below left) were far brighter and in much better condition than when I was there. Droids C3P0 and R2D2 were in attendance for the wedding (below right) whereas I only had R2D2 with me!


Deleted Scenes: Firstly, we will look at deleted scene #4 from the dvd which was an extended arrival on Naboo where we see a bit more of the Plaza de Espana below.


Parco Civico di Tremezzo in Como is where Anakin and Padmé leaving Naboo for Tatooine following the former’s nightmare about his mother being in pain back on his home planet. That’s one train of thought anyway due to the clothes they are wearing but the very chunky ‘Star Wars 365 Days’ book by John Knoll suggests that their spaceship landed near here and then they got into a gondola and sped across the lake to the Villa del Balbianello. It appears that their clothes have changed there whereas they are the same on arrival in Tatooine as they are in the photo above left. I had to get into the water with my camera early morning to recreate the shot (above right) which wasn’t easy as it was deep and swimming out for 10 metres or so while holding a camera up in the air out of the water is blo*dy difficult!! All that effort for a cut scene which didn’t even make it on to the deleted scenes chapter of the DVD!!


Above left is how the park looks at the top of the steps and the rectangular sign seen in the screenshot as well as the male toilets (below left) where Hayden Christensen (Anakin) got changed into his brown Jedi robe without complaint. Natalie Portman (Padmé) is a much bigger star and supposedly demanded something better so the crew cleared out a little domed building (below right) nearby.


Deleted scene #5 is of Padmé‘s parents house and after arriving at the place and having dinner we see Padmé‘ talking to her mum and sister whilst supposedly looking out of the kitchen window into the garden where Anakin is being questioned by Padmé‘s father about his intentions. This shot was done using a platform, fake window and window sill and in reality is just the garden out the back of the ticket office and bookshop at Villa del Balbianello in Como, Italy.


Another scene to end upon the cutting room floor (deleted scene #6) starts with a view of the villa shot from below in the garden (above right) although as you can see CGI magic makes the two look quite different. The deleted bedroom scene (no, not a sex scene!) was shot in one of the loggia rooms (below) although they basically stripped it of its period furniture and imported a rug, bed and so on to make it more Naboo-like.


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