London Filming Locations: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998

The film that put director Guy Ritchie’s name on the map starts off in Shoreditch with Eddie and Bacon on the run from the cozzers having had their street stall scam rumbled. Its the films opening scene and is accompanied by ‘Hundred Mile City’ on the soundtrack by Ocean Colour Scene. This is a pretty difficult location to describe but its on the Pedley Street side of a bridge crossing the train line from Cheshire Street. The steps (below left) are covered in graffiti and look a little different compared to the darker, grittier London portrayed by Ritchie on the 2 minute mark.


Hatchet Harry’s sex shop (above right) is in Shoreditch not too far away from the films opening stairwell scene. It appears on screen after 6, 15, 40, 87 and 91 mins and is at 42-44 Cheshire Street and is actually a shoe shop called Blackman’s Shoes.

Side by side on Park Street are the gangs hideout and Dog’s place (below left) at 15 and 13 respectively but I was really disheartened to see that it is now a ‘Paul Smith’ designer clothes shop which is all a far cry from the dark, dirty colours in the screen grab. This area is first seen 8 mins into the film when both sets of lads enter their hangouts just missing each other by seconds. The exterior appears again on 53, 64, 83 and 85 mins.


St John Street has been used for a few films and at number 40 is the bar which is run by Sting (above right) who plays the father of Eddie who is one of the gang members. It appears on screen after 14, 96 and 100 mins as ‘JD’s’ but in reality it is known simply as Vic Naylor.

The gang turn up for a game of poker at Repton Boys Club on 18 mins (below left) where ex-boxer Steve Collins makes a cameo as the bouncer. This place is also on Cheshire Street and the exterior is seen briefly again after 26 and 30 mins.


Samoan Jo’s is more commonly known as The Royal Oak (above right) on 73 Columbia Road near the flower market. It first appears after 19 mins and is where Bacon is later served some elaborate cocktail having asked for a refreshing drink! This very boozer has featured in a few other films and TV shows over the years.

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