Tokyo Filming Locations: Pt VII – Into The Sun

Steven Seagal delivers what he’s best at (?) in this 2005 film and by that I can only mean that he plays the one-man killing machine as he takes on Japanese yakuza. Japan Sword shop at 3-8-1 Toranomon (below) is the first location to feature on 11 mins and it is seen again after 24 and 37 mins. I’m not certain but I don’t think the Chinatown seen on 15 mins is the one in Yokohama or just one from some place in the USA.


Fusion nightclub (below left) can be seen on 23 & 69 mins but it isn’t actually a club for it is a restaurant at 13-7-8 Roppongi in Minato-ku. No doubting that its the one and only Tsukiji Fish Market (below right) which appears after 25, 51 and 71 mins.



The beautiful Hamarikyu Gardens (below) are within a stones throw of the fish market and play host to Seagal’s proposal to Nayako. Thats around the 41 min mark and isn’t exactly a moving scene as he speaks English and she speaks Japanese as happens throughout the movie when they appear on screen together. The gardens are shown once more in the films final moments (91 mins) with a reflective Seagal cutting a lonesome figure on one of the places bridges.


The young rookie FBI Agent Sean escapes from the grasp of the bad guys at Tsukiji Fish Market via taxi and then suddenly (55 mins) he’s being driven down Yasukuni Dori (below) whilst he talks on the phone to his mentor.



66 mins are on the clock when Zojoji temple (below left) in the foreground of Tokyo Tower makes its big screen (well, bargain bin dvd!) debut. There’s some meeting between the baddies though god knows why they chose to meet at such a public place!


On the other side of Tokyo Tower down a little side street (above right) is where Seagal’s fiance Nayako is brutally murdered after 71 mins having just left Fusion. Rainbow Bridge makes its usual appearance in any western film set in Japan shortly after that.

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