London Filming Locations: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

If twenty plus Bourne Supremacy locations in Berlin wasn’t enough I now present you with a few of the places in London that featured in The Bourne Ultimatum which is my favourite Bourne movie. Just over a year ago I went to Tangiers in the north of Morocco which played a major part in the third and final (?) part of the Bourne trilogy. Undoubtedly the most famous London one is Waterloo Station which I went to with Richard Richard just before the end of 2010. Our hero tries to guide Guardian journalist Simon Ross (Paddy Considine) through the overly-crowded station away from a few hitmen. The crew were allowed to film at Waterloo during off-peak hours (i.e. mid-afternoon) so many of the people in the background are just normal people going about their normal lives.

Crescent House on the Golden Lane Estate, Fann Road (below left) supposedly features but I’m buggered if I could find it when playing the dvd back.  

119 Farringdon Road plays the part of The Guardian HQ from which journalist Simon Ross appears. The rain was falling quite heavily when I was there so I didn’t p*ss about with setting up my tripod to get myself in the photo as is the norm. In fact I was getting so wet that I actually gave up on the location scouting (I’d planned to track down a couple more Bourne places nearby at Hatton Garden and Holborn) as my flight back to Japan was that same evening and I didn’t want to be sitting on a 12 hour flight with soaking wet jeans. As it was I ended up with wet jeans on the plane anyway as the guy in front of me leaned his seat back so far that he spilled my drink over my leg. As it was I did get 2000 yen in cash from the airline for the inconvenience but I digress.

You can see my ‘Bourne Supremacy’ Berlin filming locations here.

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