Star Wars Shop In Tokyo!

A couple of months ago I found out about a Star Wars shop in Koenji which is a station nine minutes from Shinjuku. Despite living in Tokyo I didn’t know about this place and in fact found out about it on the American Star Wars podcast known as ‘The ForceCast’. When I went first went there it was closed but as I finished work very early on a Saturday last month I thought I’d try again and I wasn’t disappointed. Located on the second floor at the end of a shopping street ‘Star Case’ is not much to look at from the outside with just a window displaying old and slightly yellowing full-size cardboard characters.
It’s a small shop inside but is absolutely packed with Star Wars related stuff with the majority of it being figures which isn’t something I want to get into. More of interest were the weirder items which have come out over the years such as a BMX, a video-game machine, curtains, posters, vintage soap, badges, cards, stickers, Pepsi-related products and so many more things which have carried the Star Wars logo over the last 33 years. I didn’t bother asking the owner if I could take photo’s in the shop as I had heard that this was not allowed. Needless to say, I bought a load more tat to add to my growing collection.
How to get there:
Take the sobu line to Koenji station. Leave by the North Exit. Across the road in the top left corner is a 7-11 and a shopping street. Head for this and walk down the shopping street all the way to the end. Turn left and at the end of that lane you will see ‘Star Case’ on the second floor. It is open from 1-7pm everyday except Tuesday’s.

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