The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back which for many, many years was my favourite film of the saga. That changed last year though to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope following my visit to some of the filming locations used in that movie. The battle scenes of Hoth in Empire were filmed in Finse in Norway and even though I have the guidebook I can’t really see myself going to the trouble to just see a bit of ice but never say never I guess!
Anyway, I recently made (thanks to a link on the official Star Wars website) a rather rushed one minute Empire parody video featuring me as both Luke Sywalker and Han Solo with m’lady as Princess Leia which can be seen here. Check it out! It’s funny even if I do say so myself!
I remember being stunned to discover that Vader was Luke’s father which is a classic movie moment and one that is difficult for the younger generation of Star Wars fans to discover the way I did. Empire is great for the following reasons:
* The “I am your father” revelation
* John Williams’ foreboding “Imperial March” music
* The introduction of Yoda, Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett
* Han Solo uses a lighsaber for the only time
* The gigantic AT-AT’s (All terrain armoured transports)
* Han Solo gets heroically frozen in carbonite
* Darth Vader slices off Luke Skywalkers hand
* We see Vader briefly appear out of his helmet in a meditation chamber
* Lando trying to use his charm on Princess Leah
* erm , that incestuous kiss between Luke and Leia!

TF Film Review: Green Zone (2010)

It seems that its impossible to talk about Green Zone without mentioning the Bourne franchise (which I absolutely loved) so now that I have got that reference out of the way we can move on. This movie came out a couple of months ago in Britain but as usual the Japan release was delayed which I went to see at a nearby cinema on its opening day last Friday. The film is directed by Paul Greengrass (with his trademark use of hand-held cameras) and he teams up with Matt Damon yet again to provide a typically breakneck action film which is tense and exciting. There is also, in my opinion, a quite preachy polical message regarding the weapons of mass destruction which Damon‘s character Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is searching for in Iraq in order to justify the US invasion. When his search comes up empty handed each time he begins to have his suspicions about some of his own side.
Beforehand I had fairly low expectations for Green Zone as war films don’t always do it for me and I thought that I would be hoping to see Bourne taking aim at real life in Iraq. Of course, the lead character in this film is not exactly too different in appearance as after all they do have the same face and the same voicebox! Overall, though I really liked this film and was able to separate it from the aforementioned franchise which certainly helps one enjoy it.