A Galaxy Not So Far Away (From Where I Live)

The week before my final day in Tokiwadai I did a special kids lesson about Momotaro (Peach boy) and afterwards I got talking to one of the fathers who wanted to see my Star Wars travel photos from Tunisia and Italy. This was no coincidence though as the receptionist had informed me about him as they had somehow got onto the subject of the Sci-fi saga the week before. Anyway, he very kindly gave me a set of Star Wars stamps (see bottom picture) and offered to show me his collection. Now its certainly not like this one in Korea but nevertheless it was interesting to see his pride and joy which is inevitably hated by his wife! He had some very expensive figures and other rarities which p*ss all over my Pepsi Nex freebie collection from last year! I may collect a fair few Star Wars related things but I have never really been too bothered about figures and don’t want to be as that can be an expensive hobby.