TF Film Review: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Here it is then – a review of a film which came out in November last year apart from the fact that it has only just been released here in Japan. These delayed releases really are annoying as you can basically get the movie on download before it comes out here. I know that promotion and subtitling can take time but if some films have a worldwide release date then surely so can most others, especially the Quantum of Solace which is even distributed by Sony who are of course a Japanese company.

I was very late to get into the Bond franchise with ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ in 1997 being the first one I saw in its entirety and from then I on I was hooked and over the years I have made the effort to see many of the others, both new and old. I even went to James Bond Island near Phuket (featured in 1974’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’) which was a highlight at the time for me and Ethan.

Having bought my ticket in advance (its 500 yen cheaper and also including a free bottle of Coca Cola Zero zero 7) I got up early last week for the 10am showing before work. I’d been doing my best to avoid any article or TV report about the film but couldn’t help but hear that it was now more similar to the excellent Bourne films and that was constantly in my mind as I watched some of the opening scenes which were remnant of The Bourne Ultimatum in my opinion but I guess that film franchise also borrowed heavily from Bond.

Overall, I enjoyed the action parts of the film but coudln’t really explain it plot-wise (luckily so for those who haven’t seen it yet!) but thats never been such an important thing for me. I didn’t think it was as good as Casino Royale and as much as I like Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond I do miss the little things which made 007 iconic such as the gadgets, quips and memorable lines.