A Spook-tacular Halloween

The force was strong with my students last week as Halloweeen provided a good excuse to incorporate some Star Wars stuff into the special themed lessons. Having brought my lightsaber back from Britain in September I wanted to show it to the kids (and the adults too) as a treat although the younger ones didn’t have much idea what it actually was. Still, even those with no interest in the movie franchise seemed to enjoy having a quick play with it. Anyway, long before it was introduced the kids entered the lesson to the X-Files theme (of course unknown to them but thats not the point) to spook them out a bit before the haunting tune of ‘Tubular Bells’ kicked in and then I introduced my specially made Halloween flashcards and a load of fun games followed culminating in the revealing of my Darth Vader mask and Luke Skywalker lightsaber. I can’t say I have ever really done anything for Halloween and am still ignorant of its actual meaning but I have to say that I did enjoy doing something different with my lessons which is always good for both students and teacher in terms of keeping us interested, motivated and entertained.
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