Phuket Filming Locations: James Bond

After three nights on the beautiful Phi Ph island it was time to return to Phuket but this time we went to Patong beach which is where all the action is in terms of beach activity and nightlife including the well-known sex industry which the country is famed for. Something both Ethan and I had been looking forward to was visiting Khao Ping Gan to view James Bond Island which was given its name after it was used as Scaramanga’s lair in the 1974 film ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. Once again the problem with tours is that you’re sometimes hurried a bit too much which certainly felt like the case on this island where we had to basically just snap away on our cameras without time to pause for breath to take it all in. We managed to recreate the pose of Bond and Scaramanga thankfully with a pleasing outcome. James Bond island is the main thing used in promoting the tour but the supporting itinerary was also quite interesting with a visit to the Muslim fishing village at Panyee Island and canoeing, bamboo rafting and walking through the caves at Tham Pung Chang.

 007vsScaramangaIMG_4313 Thailand Apr&May '08 263    
You can see my Thailand photos here

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