Beyond The Movies: This Is Where It Starts…

Welcome to ‘Beyond The Movies’; a spin-off of the hugely successful Tokyo Fox website. This site came about from the name of my numerous Facebook filming locations albums taken around the world from Tokyo to Tunisia and from California to London.

This site will take you, as the name suggests, beyond the movies with detailed descriptions of where you can find the filming locations as well as screenshot match-ups where possible (or rather if I can get screenshot grabs of the specific film!).

As well as the filming locations Beyond The Movies will feature reviews of films ‘set’ in Japan with the word ‘set’ being of particular importance as these movies are often shot in different countries due to the tough laws on filming in this country, particularly in Tokyo.

I live in Tokyo by the way if you hadn’t guessed and my favourite films include Back to the Future, Terminator, Bourne, Star Wars, 007, The Karate Kid, Mission Impossible and many more so I will of course focus heavily on those movies but that doesn’t mean I won’t include other stuff as I travel around the world on my holidays in search of the shooting scenes from many, many films.

Please check back here every few days for updates.

Kind Regards

Tokyo Fox

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